February 2020



February 2020


The Volga United Methodist Church is 171 years old this year!  Part of our continuing celebration will be to include a bit of the history of the church in the newsletter each month. These will be taken from the United Methodist Memoirs and Morsels, our UMW cookbook.

Continued:  1871:  “The Volga M.E. Church and friends of the Rev. B.F. Taylor had a “donation” for him in February.  A picnic and oyster stew was served.  Tickets were $1.50 per couple.  In March the M.E. Ladies’ Sociable had a neck-tie festival.  Admission to the church was 10 cents.  Each gentleman had to draw a tie and had for his partner the lady whose dress corresponded to the tie. The ladies then served a supper at the new dwelling of Mr. R.T Steinhour near the church.  The tie and supper was 40 cents per couple.  The proceeds of the evening were put in the church bell fund.

When the Upper Iowa Annual Conference met in Clinton September 7, 1871, Rev. Taylor was transferred to Jesup.  The Rev. James Finley Hestwood was assigned to the Elkader Circuit.  A Volga news item reported, “Rev. Hestwood preached his introductory sermon last Sunday evening to a full house and was attentively listened to.”  (To be continued)





We’re Live Streaming Our Worship Services!

Every Sunday, barring unforeseen circumstances, we’re now live-streaming our worship services!  We have been live streaming for the past few months and, in addition to Iowa we have viewers in 15 different states and 3 countries.  This is a new outreach program for the Volga UMC.  It gives us the ability to get the word out to those who cannot attend services for one reason or another.  Tell your family, friends and neighbors!

Please try it out!  Go to http:sundaystreams.com/go/volgaumc   Sunday Streams was acquired by BoxCast recently and this change allows us to be viewed on FaceBook and YouTube, as well.

You may also go to our website:  http:volgaumc.org where the Sunday worship service may also be seen live.  Additionally, we have a Roku Channel under Volga United Methodist Church where all of the above may be viewed.

Our Sunday services begin at 9:00 a.m. central standard time if you want to join in for the live stream.  This website will also allow you to view the service at a later date.

We are in the early stages of live streaming.  It will be helpful if you let us know what you think.  We’re always open to suggestions that will make these services better for you.  Send an email to volgaumc@gmail.com.



Due to uncooperative weather, there was no Administrative Council Meeting in January.  The next meeting will be held on February 16th at 5:45 pm.







December 31, 2019


2019 General Budget: Annual      $19,826.00


General Budget Giving YTD           21,866.61


General Expenses Paid YTD           17,678.57



                                                           2019 Annual Apportionments          2,471.00

                                                           Apportionments Paid YTD               2,471.00





                    UMW Update

The United Methodist Women met in January to plan programs for 2020.  We will once again have several adventures and lunches and fishing/picnicking at Pickar’s Pond.  In addition, at our regular meetings, we will start a program of Bible studies at each meeting.  The next meeting will be held on February 12th at 1:30 pm in the Church and we will have our first Bible Study at that time.





Saturday, January 11th from 2:30 to 4:00 PM our Bishop held another VISION 2032 as a follow up to the initial meetings last November where ideas from all across our Conference were solicited to see where our future as a church might take us.  Detailed plans were presented for the Iowa Annual Conference to return to our early days where each church was part of a circuit.  These plans are somewhat complex and are intended to provide us with more resources in the future and, currently, to help with the transition and with the revitalization of the Conference.  These changes will also save the Conference considerable amounts in the annual budget.  The new circuit configurations have not yet been established and will be carried out over the next two years.  We were assured that each church would maintain their autonomy and would continue to have a Pastor supplied.  There’s much more information to come as plans are solidified and we move forward with the transition.  Stay tuned………!


For Pastor Dennis, his family and the ministries of our churches.

Dave Pickar for healing.

To Mark Follon for snow removal.

To Glenna Whitford for preparing the 2020 UMW booklets




February 2                                                                                                         February 23

     Micah 6:1-8                       I Corinthians 1:18-31                                                                                       Exodus 24:12-18                               2 Peter 1:16-21

     Psalm 15                            Matthew 5:1-12                                                                                               Psalm 99                                            Matthew 17:1-9


February 9                                                                                                              February 26  Ash Wednesday

     Isaiah 58:1-9a (9b-12)     I Corinthians 2:1-12 (13-16)                                                                         Joel 2: 1-2, 12-17                     2 Corinthians 5:20b-6:10

    Psalm 112: 1-9 (10)          Matthew 5: 13-20                                                                                          Psalm 51:1-17                           Matthew 6:1-6, 16-21


February 16

     Deuteronomy 30:15-20    I Corinthians 3:1-9

     Psalm 119: 1-8                   Matthew 5:21-37




As always, if you have questions, concerns or suggestions, please talk with Pastor Dennis or contact a member of the Staff/Pastor Parish Relations Committee.

The 2020 members of the SPPRC are:

Janis Breitsprecher, George Duff, Elaine Follon, Pamela Follon, Cheryl Handel, Summer Handel, Sharon Taylor, Lee Wescott and Forrest Whitford




Mailing address: Volga United Methodist Church, 306 Washington St., P.O. Box 133, Volga, IA 52077-0133


Website:  http:volgaumc.org                E-mail: volgaumc@gmail.com                         Church phone: 563-767-3114


Pastor Dennis cellphone: 563-329-0731                                             Pastor Dennis e-mail:  revgilbert4@gmail.com

































































2 10:30am Worship Service



Paraments:  White






1:30 PM Fayette UMW Guest Day at Fayette UMC



7 UMC Annual Conference begins in Des Moines




9 10:30am Worship Service

5:00 to 6:00 PM Music in the Park Sing along with George

Paraments: Red




11 UMC Annual Conference ends





Craig & Tracy Anniversary


9:30 am  UMW to Pinters followed by lunch in Decorah






10:30am Worship Service

5:00pm Prayer with the Pastor

5:45pm Admin Council

Paraments:  White

Father’s Day










Summer begins




10:30am Worship Service


Paraments:  Green














10:30am Worship Service


Paraments:  Green