June 2020




June 2020




News from the pandemic!


Message from Pastor Dennis:


Dear Members and Friends,

I do truly miss being with you during this time of self-isolation.  I have been reading, processing and praying over what our next steps should be regarding gathering for worship in our houses of worship.  It is my deep felt belief that we cannot currently hold public worship in a safe and responsible way.  I fear a greater outbreak of the covid-19 virus over the next two weeks.  I sincerely hope that I am overly cautious.  Never-the-less, I see no possibility of gathering together in public prior to June 15, at the earliest.  I will, along with others, constantly adapt and project when it is safe for us to gather again safely, and in faith.






Other News:



Usually at this time, we are busily preparing for the opening of our Music in the Park outreach and the accompanying June Ice Cream Social.  We have decided to cancel the June and July Music in the Park Events and move the Music in the Park and Ice Cream Social to the 2nd Sunday in August.  We are still planning to have our Music in the Park and Box Social to support the Library on the second Sunday in September.  Both of those events will be reassessed closer to August and September to determine if it is safe to have such gatherings.






Your faithfulness in continuing to send your offerings to the church is heartwarming!  The work we do as a church will move forward because of your generosity and commitment.  Thank you!



How else might we connect during this time of staying home, staying safe and staying healthy?


Let’s continue our phone chain ministry!  Please keep up your good work in checking on your friends and neighbors.  As this pandemic wears on, there are those who may need to hear from you now more than ever.


Live Streaming:  As you see above, we will not be live streaming this month, at least through the 15th.  If you haven’t already found a live stream that lifts you up and carries you through this time, you may want to connect with Rev. Adam Hamilton from Church of the Resurrection UMC in Kansas City who is live streaming every Sunday.  Rev. Hamilton is well known to us as we have used many of his books in our small group studies.  Consider joining his service by going to Church of the Resurrection’s website at:  http:cor.org     Sunday services at COR are held at 7:30 am, 9:15 am, 11:00 am and 5:00 PM.  Don’t forget, though, there is no substitute for the love and fellowship we share when we can actually come together again and we all hope that will be soon!



The Volga United Methodist Church is 171 years old this year!  Part of our continuing celebration will be to include a bit of the history of the church in the newsletter each month. These will be taken from the United Methodist Memoirs and Morsels, our UMW cookbook.

Continued:  1875: The Annual Conference convened September 22, 1875, in Dubuque.  The Rev. J.M. Ferris was appointed to the Elkader Circuit.  By this time Wm. A. Penfield had remarried and moved to Volga City where he started a furniture store in a small building just south of the present Gernand home.  Sometimes he contributed items to the Elkader weekly newspaper.  Another correspondent of Volga City news items signed his columns with “Spy”.  His identity was never revealed.

1876: In April 1876, the Ladies’ Sociable made plans for a Centennial Tea Party.  “George Washington and Lady and other men and women of ‘ye old time’ will be represented.  All and everybody are invited to attend.  The proceeds of the supper will go toward improving the church.” (To be continued)



We’re Live Streaming Our Worship Services!

Every Sunday, barring unforeseen circumstances, we’re now live-streaming our worship services!  We have been live streaming for the past year and, in addition to Iowa we have viewers in 15 different states and 3 countries.  This is a new outreach program for the Volga UMC.  It gives us the ability to get the word out to those who cannot attend services for one reason or another.  Tell your family, friends and neighbors!

Please try it out!  Go to http:volgaumc.org/home or go on Facebook and search for Volga UMC.   Additionally, we have a Roku Channel under Volga United Methodist Church where all of the above may be viewed.

Our Sunday services begin at 9:00 a.m. central standard time if you want to join in for the live stream.  This website will also allow you to view the service at a later date.  We’re always open to suggestions that will make these services better for you.  Send an email to volgaumc@gmail.com.

Due to COVID19, we will not be live streaming until further notice!



There was no Administrative Council Meeting in the month of May nor will one be held in June.  The earliest we will have another Administrative Council Meeting will be July 19th depending on State Disaster guidelines and the guidance of our Bishop.







April 30, 2020


2020 General Budget: Annual      $19,829.00


General Budget Giving YTD           5,431.00


General Expenses Paid YTD           6,333.82



                                                           2020 Annual Apportionments          2,388.00

                                                                  Apportionments Paid YTD            795.96






                    UMW Update

The United Methodist Women did not meet in May due to Covid 19 Disaster guidelines and there were no plans to meet in June.  If restrictions are lifted, the next possible meeting will be July 8th for our annual picnic at Pickar’s pond.

For Pastor Dennis, his family and the ministries of our churches.

For all those who are suffering from Covid19 and those who are grieving the death of loved ones.

For all of us to be patient, stay home and remember to love our neighbors as we struggle though this pandemic.

For all the health care and essential workers who are risking their health every day.


To those who stay in touch with their neighbors.

To those who deliver groceries and medications to their neighbors.

To Mark Follon for taking such good care of the church lawn.



As always, if you have questions, concerns or suggestions, please talk with Pastor Dennis or contact a member of the Staff/Pastor Parish Relations Committee.

The 2020 members of the SPPRC are:

Janis Breitsprecher, George Duff, Elaine Follon, Pamela Follon, Cheryl Handel, Summer Handel, Sharon Taylor, Lee Wescott and Forrest Whitford




Mailing address: Volga United Methodist Church, 306 Washington St., P.O. Box 133, Volga, IA 52077-0133


Website:  http:volgaumc.org/home               E-mail: volgaumc@gmail.com             Facebook: Volga UMC


Church phone: 563-767-3114     Pastor Dennis cellphone: 563-329-0731      Pastor Dennis e-mail:  revgilbert4@gmail.com





























































2 10:30am Worship Service



Paraments:  White






1:30 PM Fayette UMW Guest Day at Fayette UMC



7 UMC Annual Conference begins in Des Moines




9 10:30am Worship Service

5:00 to 6:00 PM Music in the Park Sing along with George

Paraments: Red




11 UMC Annual Conference ends





Craig & Tracy Anniversary


9:30 am  UMW to Pinters followed by lunch in Decorah






10:30am Worship Service

5:00pm Prayer with the Pastor

5:45pm Admin Council

Paraments:  White

Father’s Day










Summer begins




10:30am Worship Service


Paraments:  Green














10:30am Worship Service


Paraments:  Green