Semptember 2020



September 2020


Don’t Waste Any Time Getting to Know Our New Pastor and His Family!

We have a new minister!  Pastor Joshua (Josh) Hansen became our minister effective August 1st!  Pastor Hansen and his wife Audrey have three children.  Margaret (Maggie) is 13, Virginia (Ginny) is 11 and Eli is 2.  The family moved into the Arlington parsonage on July 30th.  They live there full time and are eager to get to know you! 

 News from the pandemic!

Opening up to Worship.  We opened up for in-person worship services in July, inside the church.  Everyone has agreed to follow all safety precautions in order to enjoy air conditioned space and have the option of music, sound, power point and videos.  We will plan to continue worshipping in the church during the month of September as long as it is safe to do so.

Please remember that we can only meet inside as long as we all follow these safety precautions:

We won’t be singing because of our proximity to one another.  (Pam is providing music videos)

We are asking that everyone wear a mask.

There will be no food or beverages provided.

Please observe social distancing at all times

We’re Live Streaming Our Worship Services!

Every Sunday, barring unforeseen circumstances, we’re once again live-streaming our worship services!  We have been live streaming for the past two years and, in addition to Iowa we have viewers in 15 different states and 3 countries.  This new outreach program gives us the ability to get the word out to those who cannot attend services in person for one reason or another.  Tell your family, friends and neighbors!

Please try it out!  Go to or go on Facebook and search for Volga UMC.   Additionally, we have a Roku Channel under Volga United Methodist Church where all of the above may be viewed.

Our Sunday services begin at 10:30 a.m. central daylight time if you want to join in for the live stream.  This website will also allow you to view the service at a later date.  We’re always open to suggestions that will make these services better for you.  Send an email to

 Music in the Park                                                                                                                     

We are planning to have our Music in the Park and Box Social to support the Library on the second Sunday in September, the 13th.  It will be held in the City Park large shelter from 4:30 to 7:00Pm and will be the usual extravaganza of fun, exciting boxes for auction and the wonderful music of Duane and Nancy.  Arlington’s own inimitable Lee Wescott is the auctioneer so you know it will be fun.  The food is always delicious, too!  Bring your lawn chair so we can all social distance and stay safe.

Picnic at Pickar’s Pond

The annual Picnic and Worship Service at Pickar’s Pond is on for Sunday, September 20th!  Worship service will start at 11:00 am followed by a potluck picnic.  Come early or stay late to fish and boat or just to visit and enjoy the beautiful surroundings.  If this is your first trip to the pond, make sure you get instructions from Alice or arrange to ride with or follow someone who knows the way.  Bring your fishing pole and a lawn chair.



The Volga United Methodist Church is 171 years old this year!  Part of our continuing celebration will be to include a bit of the history of the church in the newsletter each month. These are taken from the United Methodist Memoirs and Morsels, our UMW cookbook.

Continued:  1879: One Sunday evening in January, Rev. Charles Cressy “delivered a powerful lecture on the evils of intemperance, bringing to mind many incidents occurring recently in our midst that illustrate the evils of this great sin.”

The trustees of the first M.E. Church of Volga City purchased the north half of lots five and six in block 12 on April 16, 1879.  B.F. Davidson and his wife, Etta, had decided to go to the Dakota Territory.  James E. Smith, Matthew Ewing and J.W. McLean signed the warranty deed which is recorded in Book 13, page 637, by C. L. McGonigle, Clayton County recorder.

The Bee Hive Hotel was on the south half of lots five and six where the parsonage now stands.

Since Rev. Cressy was busy preaching each Sunday morning and evening, his little son, Willie, had to fetch the family cow from the pasture by the Elkader jail so he could milk her.  One Sunday evening in June 1879 while Elder Cressy was in Volga City, Willie went on horseback to look for the family cow.  The horse became frightened and threw Willie to the ground.  Both bones in the left leg were broken just below the knee.  Doctors Chase and Purdy were both called to set the leg and “the little sufferer is doing as well as can be expected.” (To be continued)






On Tuesday, September 8th, the Staff, Pastor Parish Relations Committee and Pastor Hansen will meet to start the preparations for our annual Charge Conference.  This is the time of year when we ask you to start thinking about how you want to serve the church in the coming year.  Which jobs and committees will you serve on?  Please contact a member of your SPRC to let them know your wishes, especially, if you would like to move to a different position in the church.










The Volga UMC Administrative Council met Sunday, August 16th at 11:30 in the fellowship room.


The Secretary’s report was read and approved.


The Treasurer’s report was given.  All bills and apportionments are paid as of July 31st.


“Music in the Park” box social will be held on Sunday, September 13th. Times are 4:30 until 7:00.  Duane & Nancy will play before the auction. This is a fundraiser for the library.


Church services are tentatively set for Pickar’s Pond on September 20th. With a potluck and fishing following.


Motion to adjourn was made by George Duff and seconded by Ann Duff.


Nancy Berger




          UMW Update    The United Methodist Women did not meet in August due to Covid 19 guidelines and there are no plans to meet in September.






For Loretta Briggs who is recovering from surgery.

For our safety as we come back to worshipping together.

For our schools, teachers and students as classes resume.

For all those suffering from weather related damages.

For Pastor Josh, his family and the ministries of our churches.



To Mark and Pam for taking such good care of the church lawn.

To Schelvie and Nancy for their work to keep the church clean and safe.

To George and Ann for running our live stream program.

To Pam for the power point and presenting videos of our hymns each Sunday.

To Alice for organizing our September trip to Pickar’s Pond.

To Nancy and Neal and Glenna for all the delicious veggies from their gardens.





As always, if you have questions, concerns or suggestions, please talk with or contact a member of the Staff/Pastor Parish Relations Committee.

The 2020 members of the SPPRC are:

Janis Breitsprecher, George Duff, Elaine Follon, Pamela Follon, Cheryl Handel, Summer Handel, Sharon Taylor, Lee Wescott and Forrest Whitford



Mailing address: Volga United Methodist Church, 306 Washington St., P.O. Box 133, Volga, IA 52077-0133

Website:               E-mail:             Facebook: Volga UMC

Church phone: 563-767-3114     Pastor  cellphone: 319-440-0463      Pastor  e-mail:




























































2 10:30am Worship Service



Paraments:  White






1:30 PM Fayette UMW Guest Day at Fayette UMC



7 UMC Annual Conference begins in Des Moines




9 10:30am Worship Service

5:00 to 6:00 PM Music in the Park Sing along with George

Paraments: Red




11 UMC Annual Conference ends





Craig & Tracy Anniversary


9:30 am  UMW to Pinters followed by lunch in Decorah






10:30am Worship Service

5:00pm Prayer with the Pastor

5:45pm Admin Council

Paraments:  White

Father’s Day










Summer begins




10:30am Worship Service


Paraments:  Green














10:30am Worship Service


Paraments:  Green